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Espresso Pressure control hack

Continuing from the previous post on flow-rate hack and gravimetric espresso project, I have been able to control the pre-extraction flow-rate, extraction flow-rate and extraction pressure of the espresso using a low-cost hack. Disclaimer: I am not liable for any damage, death or injury caused through the use of this hack. The AC voltage controller… Continue reading Espresso Pressure control hack

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Gravimetric espresso smart scale – For pour over

Something for the pour over fans! The smart scale described in the previous post on Gravimetric mod can also be used for pour over coffee. The mobile app with pour profile recording and play-back feature. In this video you will find: How to use the mobile app to record pour profile How to use the… Continue reading Gravimetric espresso smart scale – For pour over

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Gravimetric espresso mod – project updates #2

It was almost a year ago when I made a post on the gravimetric espresso project. I promised to provide demo video and after a year of procrastination, here is it! In this video you will find the following: How I use the OCD coffee distributor How I use The Force Tamper How to use… Continue reading Gravimetric espresso mod – project updates #2

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Singapore Coffee Festival 2016

How did you spend the weekends? My friends and I who are coffee addicts and home baristas visited the Singapore Coffee Festival (SCF) last Saturday. We arrived at the exhibit area at about 12-PM and spent nearly 4-hours in the hall. True to the reviews you might have read online, the queues and crowds could… Continue reading Singapore Coffee Festival 2016

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Food and Hotel Asia 2016

FHA2016 which runs from 12-15 April is the largest trade show on food and hospitality in Singapore. One of the specialised event of FHA2016 is Speciality Coffee & Tea 2016. I’ve to thanks Mr Cedric Tan, a esteemed barista and coffee cupper, for providing me with the access to FHA2016. I visited Day-1 of the… Continue reading Food and Hotel Asia 2016

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zhng the espresso machine

“Zhng” (Verb) – an action to modify, usually used to indicate the intention of vehicle modification. I’m a software engineer and computer scientist by training, hence I love the challenge of solving technical challenge. Recently, I’ve started experimenting with various ways to measure extraction of espresso. This photo shows a flow meter placed between the… Continue reading zhng the espresso machine