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Coffee geek’s guide to Singapore Coffee Fest 17 – part 1

And so you arrived at Singapore Coffee Festival to be overwhelmed by lots of new and familiar names, and your caffeine capacity is limited, what do you do? These are some of the new coffee and things I have spotted in my first day of visit which I have invested my caffeine budget in.

Disclaimer: I am neither affiliated with nor sponsored by any companies mentioned in this post. I do not even have discount code under my name to offer πŸ˜›

Lots of new Stuff

Want to have a go at the coffee used by coffee competition champions? The Pourover Bar is serving the NinetyPlus coffee which Chad Wang, the reigning World Brewer’s Cup champion used in the recent 2017 competition. Very aromatic with taste of tropical fruit and sweet grapes when chilled.


The NinetyPlus beans are highly prized for the complex flavors as a single-origin, the roasted beans are available for sale too.170805-115158-01

Drip-bags for easy brewing which are good for about 1-2 months of storage are now available in Chye Seng Huat Huatware‘s booth, Good for folks in the office without access to coffee grinder. And now you can drink their espresso blends as filtered coffee too! 170805-144556-01

Trio of 125g sampler bags of beans for filtered coffee. The Kayon mountain from Ethiopian and Javanero Pasundan from west Java are recently available.170805-144609-05

The newly established SEED coffee who is sharing the booth space with ‘Roasted in Japan’. SEED is actually powered by experienced roaster, baristas and cafe operator. I have always enjoyed the beans roasted by Ho Ming!


Managed to grab the last few can of beans from Costa Rica which taste like Raspberry!170805-135748-10A

Just one month from the Singapore’s Makerfaire, RRFC has already made improvement to the home coffee roasting machines. We were given a live demonstration of the roasting process (see the beans hopping in the glass chamber!).


Pretty evenly roasted beans!170805-121841-04

And the chaff collecting mechanism.170805-121913-01

In the same booth space, Foreword coffee serves coffee freshly roasted by RRFC. The beans were sourced from Laos and Yunna/China. New coffee to the specialty market, not something commonly available in Singapore’s cafe yet. I got lots of stonefruit taste from the filtered coffee made from the Laos’s beans.


Over at Precolate‘s booth, you can find beans roasted by Colonna coffee. Colonna coffee is co-owned by Maxwell Colonna-Dashwood, who is a U.K. Barista champion and co-author of the coffee bible ‘Water for coffee’.


Coffee capsule from Colonna coffee, a new product to make specialty grade tasting coffee on the Nespresso machine is also available.170805-124606-10

And just when you thought you have enough books on coffee, this is a new book from Maxwell Colonna-Dashwood. It is meant to be comprehensive and updated with topic like ‘carbonic maceration‘ and not as technical as ‘Water for coffee’. It is not even available on Amazon or Colonna coffee’s webstore yet :O


Also available in Precolate’s booth. The Barn is one of the leading coffeeΒ roastery in Berlin which enjoyed international success. You can order coffee made with these beans in the booth too. The ‘Caballero’ is really good with taste of sweet red apple!170805-124208-03

If you have visited Common Man Coffee Roasters, you might be aware of their ‘Common’ and ‘Uncommon’ coffee offerings. The El Burro Geisha coffee and Luito Geisha coffee are more uncommon than their uncommon and new for the fest!


Good hardware deals too

Fancy some serious coffee making hardware from the good hardware folks? Stellar M is having fest promos on various equipment. From the EK43 grinder which is commonly used by barista champions, the Rocket home Espresso machine to the SCAA award winning Setta 270 grinder.


Lots to learn

The organizer of Tokyo Coffee Festive giving an introductory of the leading Japanese roasters and coffee brewing demonstration in ‘The Lab’.


Sensory 101 with Common Man Coffee Roasters.



Interesting booths

More bling in Hook Coffee‘s second year in the festival. Like a night market, the coffee were laid out in the open!


I enjoyed the free cupping at Compound Coffee booth, it definitely makes purchasing decision easier.170805-131450-01170805-131428-06170805-131949-02

And this is Suzuki-san from Hoshikawa Cafe at the Roasted in Japan’s booth. I had the honor to learn from Suzuki-san in an recent coffee brewing workshop. If you find him familiar, it could be because you have seen him in the manual that comes with the Atago coffee refractometer!


Suzuki-san’s cafe recipe is also shown in Atago’s manual here.170805-125218-08


Bigger space

Thank you thank you for the more walk-able space with much higher ceiling and outdoor spaces! Though the air-conditioning is pretty weak, one of the reason why visitors avoided hot drinks during the visit 😐


The loot

And the damage for my day 1 XD


Alright, so much for the quick post. Am looking forward to the visit tomorrow and the cupping of NinetyPlus coffee with The Pourover bar.

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