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Experience with the OCD coffee distribution tool

ONA coffee released the OCD coffee distributor tool soon after Sasa Sestic  won the champion title in World Barista Championship 2015. According to ONA’s page, the tool was conceived in  2012 and it was used in Sasa’s WBC2015 winning presentation. Check out the presentation video, it is worth the 15-min! The OCD distribution tool is… Continue reading Experience with the OCD coffee distribution tool

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Food and Hotel Asia 2016

FHA2016 which runs from 12-15 April is the largest trade show on food and hospitality in Singapore. One of the specialised event of FHA2016 is Speciality Coffee & Tea 2016. I’ve to thanks Mr Cedric Tan, a esteemed barista and coffee cupper, for providing me with the access to FHA2016. I visited Day-1 of the… Continue reading Food and Hotel Asia 2016

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Continuing from the last blog post on specialty coffee in Japan, another cafe we visited is located about 20-min walk from the Shibuya station. Streamer coffee company is perhaps more well known for their elaborated latte art. Hiroshi Sawada, the owner of Streamer coffee company who was not present during our visit, is also the… Continue reading Travel Japan – STREAMER COFFEE COMPANY

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I was in Japan for a short holiday with my wife just a week ago. We made two visits to specialty cafes as side-trips despite the fact that it is easy to get freshly brewed coffee in Tokyo. You can get freshly machine brewed coffer for as low as ¥100 from 7-Eleven and even buy… Continue reading Travel Japan – ABOUT LIFE COFFEE BREWERS

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zhng the espresso machine

“Zhng” (Verb) – an action to modify, usually used to indicate the intention of vehicle modification. I’m a software engineer and computer scientist by training, hence I love the challenge of solving technical challenge. Recently, I’ve started experimenting with various ways to measure extraction of espresso. This photo shows a flow meter placed between the… Continue reading zhng the espresso machine